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Teaching mathematical thinking

This is a special module for you as mathematics teachers.

Here is the introductory lecture for this module. Right now it is not in streamed format, so I suggest that you use a good internet connection and first download the file of about 203 MB.

There will be no physical introductory lecture for this module (the physical lecture will be about dynamic models, which you have already done in week 4). However, there will be a physical follow-up lecture for this module, to be announced later.

If you have questions about this module you can write to me (Dag Wedelin). I will not be in Gothenburg until Thursday but I am available via mail. Also, if you try to solve specific problems in the Applied mathematical thinking course and want some supervision on these problems, you can go to the supervision sessions for this course and talk to Jean Baptiste Jolly.


The Applied mathematical thinking course is based on the same philosophy as this course. However, it is more basic since some students will only have a secondary school math background, and the course is intended as a transition course to help them understand mathematics better. It is also broader in the sense that it not just focuses on mathematical modelling and problem solving, but also on mathematical reasoning (which you are already assumed to be well familiar with).

We ask you to take a close look at this course, from some different perspectives:

Find your own way to document your activities. You are not expected to write a long essay - just summarize your impressions in some simple way.


Carefully read the following paper relating to the Mathematical Modelling and Problem Solving course: You are also asked to have a look at the following two papers:

Summarize your impressions of the papers.


Teaching mathematical modelling