Mathematical modelling and problem solving


We use the FIRE system to submit the weekly modules (link). To use the system you must first register as a student. This will make it possible for you to create groups of two persons. One student must create a group, and then the other student must be added to the group.

Please make sure you are both on the same program. A student on DAT026/DIT992 should not be in a group with a student on LGMA65. However, it is OK for a Chalmers student on DAT026 to be in a group with a GU student on DIT992.

Submitting solutions

For each module, submit a PDF file according to the instructions below.

You can write in Swedish or English. Your submitted file shall have the name 'groupGmoduleML.pdf' where G is your FIRE group number, M is the module number, and L is the language (s or e). For example, in the second week, group 34 submits the file 'group34module2s.pdf'. Do not compress or pack the file. This means that file names like 'group34module2s.doc' and 'Group34module2s.pdf' are not correct. Make sure to get this simple thing right!

You must include all of the following information on the first page in your submission document:

The modules are part of the examination of the course. Every problem should be solved in cooperation by both people on the front page, and clearly not by any others. Any copying of other people's solutions - or looking at other's solutions before submission - is unacceptable (and besides significantly reduces your learning, since it would then not be fully clear what you are able to do yourself).

We expect that you to the best of your ability submit your answers to all problems within the deadline. If you are unable to submit in time (e.g for health reasons), make an individual arrangement with a teacher to resolve this. For any return please update and resubmit your entire document, do not submit just the requested changes.

You are always welcome to ask us for more specific comments on your solutions.

Submitting the reflection

Append the reflection to the end of your main submission. Update the total hours spent for the module. Submit the file again.