Mathematical modelling and problem solving


2019-11-20 Grades have been reported and will be visible in LADOK.

2019-10-23 The final meetings are now scheduled. You will receive email adresses to the other groups in the same peer review session by the end of this week. In case of questions, please contact Birgit.

2019-10-18 In week 43, there will be a lecture with a course summary on Monday October 21 at 13-15. Then on Wednesday October 23 at 15-17 there will be the follow-up on the last ordinary module (probabilistic models).

2019-10-14 For LGMA65, this week's follow-up lecture will be Wednesday at 13:15 in ML4.

2019-10-07 Timeedit does not show but there will be lab supervision on Friday 10-12 and 15-17 in 3354, 3358 and EL41. Since the rooms are not booked, there might be other students, if you don't find space just pick another close by room. If you have a re-exam on Friday, please email Birgit and ask for an extension to Tuesday night.

2019-10-07 There will be no follow-up lecture on Wednesday 9/10. You will be provided with follow-up material on Fire.

2019-10-05 For all math teacher students (LGMA65), in week 6 you have a special module with a a digital introductory lecture, so there is no ordinary scheduled lecture for LGMA65 on Monday October 7. For all other students (DAT026/DIT992) there is an ordinary introductory lecture on Monday as usual.

2019-10-04 Unfortunately, due to illness among the TAs, we will again be short-staffed at the supervisions today.
I have asked the TAs not to spend too much time with any one pair of students, to make sure that as many students as possible can be seen. I hope you understand this, and my apologies in advance to anyone who is not seen today.
At the end of the supervision at 17.00 today, i will stay until everyone who is on the list then has been spoken to.
Do not worry if you cannot demonstrate your code today. As the submission instructions for this module say, it is perfectly acceptable to submit your code and then demonstrate it some time next week.
Remember too that, like all the problems in the course, it is OK if you do not solve a problem completely (e.g. the code you submit on Sunday is still buggy). You often learn more from submitting a failed solution, then reflecting on how you could have been better, than if you solve all the problems perfectly.


  1. I have been told about a problem with waglys where students will sometimes be removed from the list for no apparent reason. To help, I have added a new option "Thrown Off List" to waglys, which will put you at the top of the queue. Use this if you were deleted from the list, so that you do not have to start the waiting time over again. (We trust you not to abuse this!)
  2. For LGMA students: The code in the Rumsliga Modeller module has been updated, so that you are now given code that keeps track of how often the boat reaches the beach or goes over the cliff. A tip for Mathematica: when switching from the code for one problem to the other, choose "Quit Kernel" in the "Evaluate" menu. This clears Mathematica's memory. Otherwise, you may see weird effect caused by things stored from the old notebook being used in the new one.

2019-10-01 The file in the Bouncing Balls module has been updated with a line that prevents the jerkiness of the animation, and means the user no longer needs to keep moving the mouse cursor to bring the focus back. Thank you to the students who suggested this.

2019-09-24 Module 4: Modelling Languages and Other Problems has been updated to include sample input and output with CLIPS.

2019-09-13 Due to illness, we may be short-staffed during today's supervision sessions. Therefore, Birgit and Robin are offering additional support from 14.00-15.00 in rooms 6483 and 6466. Please feel free to come by with your questions. Priority will be given to students who were not able to be seen during the morning's supervision session.

2019-09-10 There have been a lot of problems with the timetabling for this course, and we will resolve them as soon as possible. Please keep checking TimeEdit, and thank you for your understanding.

This week:

2019-09-06 Apologies for the broken link to the splines app in module 1. Thank you to the students who pointed this out. I have replaced the link with a working app now. We understand that this cost time on this problem, and we will take this into account when grading. Please note that the app is not essential to answer this question, and if you have written a solution without it, you do not need to modify it.

2019-09-04 For students on LGMA65: We are aware of the timetable clash with LGMA66/MMG400 Linear Algebra, and we are working to construct a new timetable.
The lecture this Thursday (2019-09-05) is not compulsory, and a recording will be on this web page afterwards. We recommend you attend LGMA66 this week, and watch the recording later.
Next Thursday (2019-09-12) is the first follow-up lecture. From next week, the Thursday follow-up lectures are compulsory and will not be recorded. We will find a solution that allows you to attend both courses before then. Thank you very much for your understanding.

2019-09-04 This course shares supervision sessions with the course DIT856 Applied Mathematical Thinking. We have decided to reserve one room each day just for the DIT856 students. For today's supervision, 2505/7 is reserved for DIT856 students, leaving this course with the rooms:

These changes will be reflected in TimeEdit as soon as possible.
Please note that room ES53 does not have any desktop machines, but is suitable for students who wish to work on their own laptops or on paper only.

2019-09-03 We are having some technical problems uploading the video from yesterday's lecture. It will hopefully be available from this evening. For now, if you were unable to attend yesterday's lecture, please read carefully the pages General Information and General Instructions, as well as A Note on the Purpose and Pedagogy of this Course.

If you are having trouble finding a lab partner, please email

2019-09-02 We have been made aware of a schedule clash with DIT391 Concurrent Programming. Apologies for this mistake in timetabling. We are working to change the timetable to ensure students can attend the lectures and as many as possible of the supervision sessions of both courses.

For today (Monday 2 September), we recommend that you attend the DIT391 lecture, then watch the video of the DAT026 lecture that will be uploaded under Slides and reading this evening. Make sure you understand everything, particularly the section titled "Structure of the Course", and contact me if anything is not clear.

2019-08-26 Welcome to the course on Mathematical Modelling and Problem Solving! This web page is the home page for the following courses running in LP1 2019:

If you are looking for the course DIT856 Applied Mathematical Thinking, please follow this link: DIT856 Applied Mathematical Thinking.

The first lecture is on Monday 2 September 15:15 in HB1 in the EDIT building. This course has a very different structure to most courses, so please make an effort to be at the first lecture. If you cannot attend the first lecture, please contact me as soon as possible:

Please see the right-hand menu for all the information about the course. FIRE is the system for submitting your solutions, which will become active when the LP begins. The other options in the menu should be self-explanatory. I look forward to seeing you in the course!

Robin Adams

Course PM